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    I’m not too sure what the correct technical terms are here, but we’re considering using MPZmail for email campaigns and they have an option to create mailshots from actual web pages. We tried the homepage of our website ( and it looks great, but I noticed that only images and text from basic image and text elements show up. Anything within a slider or gallery does not show up. I’m assuming it’s the way it’s coded, as it’s probably coded as a slider, not a graphic image or plain text. I don’t know how if that’s correct or not, but is there some way for those elements to be recognised in such a case?

    I’ve had to use content sliders to display six icons and descriptions on a page and those are the elements not showing up in the mailshot – perhaps there could be an added option in the future to have a layout of sixths so I could just add plain text and image elements?

    Would just be interested to know,


    Hi 500Webmaster!

    There is really no way for us to know how that app/program renders page content or not so I’m not sure there is any fix that we could offer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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