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    i tried not to use google fonts in any way. I’m using websafe fonts in the theme (helvica neue).

    Now i did a website speed check of my website on:
    I check it and found:

    are loaded on my website.

    It seems google fonts are still active somewhere? Could someone please check it and please tell me, how i can disable google fonts totally?
    I don’t want to get trouble because of this with DSGVO.

    kind regards



    i think i found the issue. It seems if recaptcha v3 is loaded, it loads:

    When i remove recaptcha v3, it seems google fonts are not loaded.

    Could somebody please check my page for google fonts? Would be nice, because i’m not sure, if google fonts still loaded?

    Many thanks in advance!

    kind regards Jak


    Hi Jak73,

    I don’t see Roboto loading right now, do you have reCaptcha disabled?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    yes i disabled recaptcha, but i’m not sure, if the loading came from recaptcha.
    I’m very confused. It seems there is “Palatino Linotype”,”Book Antiqua”,Palatino,serif; as google fonts loaded. Maybe from the newsletter popup. Could you please have a look?

    kind regards Jak



    On our next update, this issue will be shorted out.

    Best regards,


    Please what is the status on this? I am not fond of having calls to external domains such as beyond my control.


    it is your map! google map loads this font, right`?


    Hi Royaltask,

    I don’t think it is Google maps, I have disabled it under Google service settings in the theme. The only think I have is an external link that opens up in a new window: (Email address hidden if logged out) ,18.0771996,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x465f7826d9e9aadb:0xe5a6eb7fefaa0c6e!8m2!3d59.2942141!4d18.0793883

    I don’t think that this call can trigger loading of fonts?

    It can’t be any plugin either as call is still there after disabling all plugins.




    Thank you for the update.

    The font is either loaded by the recaptcha or the google map services. It is the font used in their widgets. Why are you trying to disable it? There is a way to prevent the font from loading, but it’s not implemented in the theme.


    Best regards,


    Thanks Ismael,

    I have disabled both recapthca and google maps under Google services in the team, but the font still loads. The reason I want to diable it is that I want to minimize unneccesary calls to external servers and that the loading of the font causes delays in the rendering of the page.


    Breaking news ;=)). It was user error – my bad. I didn’t realise that that our designer had chosen a Google Webkit font called Open Sans. Now I will have to find a “web safe font” that is as close as possible. Question:

    I am thinking to upload an Open Sans font and use that instead locally. But, I guess it will not be as fast rendering as the “Web safe fonts?”


    Hi Terve,

    Thanks for the update. Using a custom font will likely add more load time to your site compared to using a web safe font yes.

    Best regards,

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