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    Hi guys

    A google console (webmaster tool) 500 response code occurs for:
    “Googlebot couldn’t access the contents of this URL because the server had an internal error when trying to process the request. These errors tend to be with the server itself, not with the request”

    This issue has cropped up before on some of my other enfold sites, and I’ve searched previous replies. The issues keeps coming back after I “mark as fixed”

    memory is 128 RAM, the robots file does not exclude it. using digital pacific business plan – a good plan, good host.

    My wordpress developer replied to me “…. Google needs access to the folder so that it can get the css and js files, definitely, but access to the root directory is 100% not going to happen, and should definitely be throwing a 500 error. If google (and by definition anyone else from the public) could just access the root of your theme folder, it’d be days before your site was hacked; plain and simple.
    I believe that, if google is trying to access wp-content/themes/enfold/ then there must be something pointing to it, and that is wrong.
    If you can tell me why/where that specific url is being pointed to, I will be able to work out a fix.
    The only other option is to just set up a 301 redirect; which is what I’ve done for the short term.”

    From my point of view, a 500 error is something I’m a little concerned about.

    Thanks for advising.


    Hi richardbeatty!

    there can be ways like having access to scripts etc, but your developer is right.
    There should be no access to the theme folder.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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