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    Since I did the latest theme update, Google Analytics isn’t tracking data from my site or conversions and I am totally thrown by this. When I look in Enfold, I can see the tracking code in the area it’s supposed to be in for GA and for ActiveCampaign. I haven’t not changed my conversion goals in GA and they are still there. I appreciate any help that can be offered on this.


    Hey justmind,

    Thanks for the login details and sorry for the problem, does your site have a URL or IP address?

    Best regards,


    Since the theme update, Google Analytics isn’t showing any conversions and it’s showing a 75% reduction in traffic. Also, the fonts for my website aren’t loading in chrome. Nothing has changed in GA goals. I checked the tracking code in Active Campaign and Google Analytics on the site and it’s all fine. I checked the CSS and it’s the same. I re-added the tracking code for GA and AC. The site is showing no conversions in the last 4 days and I know that’s inaccurate. It also shows some traffic to the site but the lowest since Christmas Day and I can tell from Local Falcon and other tools that our ranking is the same for keywords and proximity. So, it’s not that. Chrome is delivering data but not Firefox, IE.

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    I looked through Google Analytics change history and there is nothing that changed there. I can tell by Local Falcon that our rankings have not changed. So, the issue is somehow in the theme update. As I said before, I re-added the tracking code from GA after I noticed this issue and it’s still present. I am not sure what the issue is. Any suggestions?



    Unfortunately, it would require quite some time and customization of the theme to achieve this, so I am sorry to tell you that this is not covered by our support. However, if it’s really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

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    I have the same problem. Since I updated Enfold GA is not working anymore. Codes are at the right place. Tribble-checked.


    I think you are somehow misunderstanding me. The issue is not some the where I need custom coding. The problem is the pre theme update, Google Analytics was tracking visitors and conversion goals just fine. Post theme update, it’s not and I have confirmed the tracking code is present and that nothing has changed in Google Analytics. In talking with some Google Analytics experts (Ed Reese af Sixth Man Marketing and Dana Ditamaso at KickPoint) they double checked everything in GA and confirmed my findings. So, it’s an issue with the theme update.


    So, after the update on 1/13, we noticed an 75% drop in reported web traffic and 100% drop in conversions being reported in Google Analytics. This is not correct as I can see from our CRM that we had a normal amount of conversions and looking from our hosting server, I can see we had more web traffic than normal. I also double checked and our tracking code is present and nothing was changed in Google Analytics. So, something about the Enfold Theme update on 1/13 screwed this up. Looking at the change log I notice the following changes you all made.

    added: filter avf_add_google_analytics_cookies_to_custom_cookies
    improved Google Analytic input field:
    – Google Analytics script is only loaded when allowed
    – Scripts with class google_analytics_scripts are removed when user refuses Google tracking cookies
    – Google Cookies are deleted when user refuses cookies

    Something about these changes is messing up what is being reported to Google.



    Thank you for the info.

    The Google Analytics script is functioning properly when we check the site. As you can see in the screenshot below, the script is collecting data from the site — sending a pageview hit type.


    We noticed that the Privacy & Cookies options are disabled. Did you disable it just now?

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    I have the same issue….This was not the case before the upgrade. My site does not have a cookie consent so nothing should have changed. Please provide a fix for this ASAP.

    Until then where can I find the older version of the theme to revert back?

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    @Jay: Where can we see the issue? Please create a new thread and post the login details in the private field. Have you tried to temporarily disable the plugins?

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    We are on the live site…so we reverted back to the Version which was stable and working. Temporary disabling the plugin on the live site is NOT an option or a good way to debug.

    Here are my visitors per google analytics for last 2 weeks. We average about 1500 visitors a day. After upgrade to version 4.7.x on Jan 25th the traffic went down to near 0. I restored the older version on Jan 26th (late in the day) and the traffic patterns would be normal again.

    (hosted on WPengine) alt="Traffic Dip from 4.7.x" />

    I can give you access to the staging site with version 4.7.x for you to look at if you like.

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    Jay, we had the same issue. I will say that it resolved after the latest update and it’s tracking properly again. It was seemingly a misapplied update on their part.

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    @justmind – Thanks. We had updated to 4.7.2 and it did not resolve the issue NO matter that setting we tried.

    What settings are you using now?

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    Please verify your script is correctly added to the site head section. There are multiple ways you can add Google Analytics to Enfold theme please have a look at the documentation

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,


    GA code is not the GTM code. Can you please describe the correct way to insert GTM code in the “new” Enfold theme.
    I used Ismaels recommendation from January 30, 2018 at 4:58 am:
    Everything worked fine since the last update.


    @Vinay – I will insert the code using the documentation and upgrade to 4.7.2 and let you know if this is working or not later this week.



    Thank you for following up. We’ll keep the thread open. Please let us know if anything comes up.

    Best regards,


    @ismael, @vinay

    I have inserted the code using Enfold > Google Services panel tab. I also have FB Script on the same box.
    FYI: I also have Autooptimize running with following setting on JS scripts: Aggregate all linked JS-files to have them loaded non-render blocking.

    Let me know if this is the proper way to do it.

    I am about to upgrade the enfold theme to the latest version and run the test.


    @ismael, @vinay,

    Here is the report on 4.7.2 –

    • Google Scripts when added through function.php work just fine.
    • Google Scripts when added through Enfold > Google Services tab does NOT work. I see almost zero traffic with it
    • .

    Another issue with 4.7.2 is that once deleted, I cannot add buttons on my Privacy Notification. In other words the + Button on the privacy notification does nothing. I can add buttons with with EXACTLY the same plugin configuration.
    (hosted on WPengine) alt="Add Additional Buttons" />

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    @Jay: Thank you for the update. Which option did you select in the Default Cookie Behavior settings? If it’s set to the second or third option, Google Analytics will not work automatically unless the users accepted the cookies. You should set it to the first option. Please create your thread/ticket and post the necessary details in the private field so that we can check the site further.

    Best regards,


    @ismael – I have used first option….and this option does not work as well. I will create a new thread with this issue.



    @Jay: Thank you for following up. Please create a new thread/ticket and post the necessary details in the private field so that we can check the issue further. Thank you.

    Best regards,


    I wanted to jump in and say I have been having the same issue. Since an Enfold update that i applied on 1/17/20 my traffic tanked to near 0. It magically came back with another Enfold update on 1/28/20, but is again not work as of last week on 2/11/20:


    I have not actually lost the traffic, its there, but it’s not tracking. Here is my Search console:


    So the issue appears to be the new GDPR and privacy settings in Enfold. I have them ALL turned off under the privacy policy tab, and I have disabled cookie consent messages.

    I’m kind of surprised to see the responses from the Enfold team here that are not acknowledging that there is a problem with the theme.

    Do we have any updates?



    @mmr1234: The analytics script (GA) still collects data from your site when we enabled the theme’s cookie consent settings and set its behavior to the first option. This is the same observation that we have had previously. Please check the screenshot in our recent reply.


    You’ll see that GA is still collecting data from the site even when the cookie consent bar is still present or the user has not consented yet.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael, what if I don’t want to enable this? Shouldn’t everything work fine if I don’t enable this?



    Shouldn’t everything work fine if I don’t enable this?

    Would you like to disable the Privacy & Cookies settings/options completely? Yes, the GA script should work properly with or without the cookie consent options. However, if it’s enabled, you have to set the Default Cookie Behavior to the first option so that third party services such as the GA tracker, videos or maps work automatically or properly on page load even without the users’ consent.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael,
    I’m having the same issue. GA is not tracking the site. Currently have code in Enfold Child>Google Services. Not sure what is wrong?

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    : The analytics tag or snippet is missing from the Enfold > Google Services > Tracking Code field.


    You only added the Google Tag Manager snippet.

    Please open a new thread if you need more help. We’ll close this one for now.

    Best regards,

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