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    Hello Support,
    parallel to Universal Analytics (UA-) we would like to install the new Google Analytics 4 (G-) tracking to our website but I have some doubts that we will be able to give the visitor the possibility to opt-out with the enfold tools. Any idea how to enable the visitor to disable the tracking for both analytics tools. Any plans for providing a solution in a (near) future update?

    Thanks a lot


    Hey gregorh,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    We have not included it in the privacy options yet, but users should be able to simultaneously disable or enable both analytics scripts using the current cookie toggle for the tracker. This is possible as long as both scripts are inside the Enfold > Google Services > Google Analytics.

    Both version of analytics generate the same cookies, so using the Custom Cookie option may not work. But if you would like to create your custom solution, the function that renders the analytics script is inside the functions-enfold.php file. Just look for the avia_print_tracking_code function.

    We are not actually sure if it is possible or if it is necessary to use both versions of the analytics script in the same site.

    Best regards,


    Dear Team,
    further to the above, I´ve learned it would make sense to track for the time being GA4 plus UA codes in parallel. Google offerrs this option as well.

    -> Is the above option possible as well in the enfold settings/Google services/GA? If so, what syntax? E.g. like the following or so?

    G-xxxxx; UA-yyyy

    Thx and best regards Tilman


    Hi Tilman,

    I’m not sure if that is possible to be honest with you, but you can try to add both scripts in full to the Google Analytics box. If it doesn’t work, then you can always add them using a function in functions.php:

    function oestersund_add_tracking_code(){
    add_action('wp_head', 'oestersund_add_tracking_code');

    Best regards,


    Hi all,

    Dose it worked to enter both scripts?

    Or is there now a proven way to implement both Tracking-Codes in ?

    Best regards

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    Hi Omar,

    Please try to add your scripts in the Analytics box. If they should not work there, then please try a function like the one I posted earlier in this thread.

    Best regards,

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