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    Hi guys,

    I´m a bit confused. I have a site (German and English) that uses a page called “News” (in German) to display the blog posts. I simply created a page without sidebar and added the “Blog entries” content element to display the post in a 4 column grid. Works perfect. Then I duplicated the page to get a translated version of that page (also called it “News” for the english version). First thing that happens is there are no posts on that page. Potentially because the posts are not translated into Englisch yet. But I have set up WPML to display post in the original language if there is no translation. Doesn´t seem to work.

    Then I went to the Enfold (child theme) settings and selected the “News” page as the blog page for the German version as well as for the English version. I haven´t changed anything on that page but the German version now shows the Posts in a 3-column grid with a sidebar!

    The English version still shows no entries.

    So what is this “Blogpage” setting on the themes options page doing? Why is there suddenly a sidebar and why doesn´t my German post also appear on the English version although WPML is set to display posts in the original language if there are no translations?

    That´s all a bit confusing and I hope you can push me to a solution.


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    Hey Michael!

    I’m not sure about the translation differences but I can at least shine some light on what the blog page does. With WordPress in general you are always loading up the posts feed (index.php). You can designate a specific page to be shown as the home page instead and then also choose a blog page.

    When you choose a blog page, the page ignores any content you add to that page and just uses the page name to load in the blog posts based on the theme. For Enfold, you choose the default blog layout from the general settings.

    When you use the blog element on a page, you aren’t actually telling WordPress that the page is your blog at all. Instead, you are just making a custom database query to output some posts using the parameters you set in that elements choices.

    So with WPML, you may need to use the blog choice instead of adding your blog output into a regular page to get it all to work.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin. That makes it clearer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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