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    With updates, there is always the question of the changed files from one version to another. There are always modified files in the child theme (footer, header, category pages, postslider.php etc.)

    Manually checking whether one of these files has been modified in the new Enfold version is very time-consuming.

    Which “best practice” would you recommend? Should I simply update and only look for the causes when an error occurs? Or is there something like a changelog of the changed files?

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    Hey Günter,
    Sorry for the late reply, glad to hear that you are using a child theme, this is the best practice for modificating your theme files.
    We do have a Change Log for you to review the latest changes, so you can see if one of your customized files needs to be updated. But on the most part files like the header & footer don’t change often, so typically you will not need to edit your customized files, unless an error occurs.

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    I have the same concerns A couple of points that may help.

    1) You can use the ‘compare files’ function of editors such as Notepad++ to compare the files you have in the child theme with the latest versions in the main /enfold/ theme folder. Besides, your modifications, this will show up new additions to the file in the latest version, and give you a chance to update the child theme with the latest file version, with your modifications of course then added. Make sure you keep a backup of the original child theme files just in case.
    2) You can add code to the header.php file from the functions.php file using the add_code_to_header function. This means the header.php file can be removed from the child theme directory, and is one less file version to keep an eye on for changes after theme updates. Read more here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/add-code-to-header/

    Good luck!


    @barnez1 Thanks for sharing

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    the Change Log only says what has been changed, but unfortunately not in which files.

    Hello Barnez1,
    I have now installed Notepad ++ and briefly tested the ‘compare files’ function. That seems to be a really helpful tool.

    Thanks to both of you!



    You can also try using websites such as – https://www.diffchecker.com/ :)



    Thanks for your help!



    Did you need additional help with this topic or shall we close?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Thanks, I don’t need any further help.

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