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    concerning GDPR + ENFOLD 4.4:

    how to disable connection to Google Fonts at all?
    In the new theme settings is an option to upload own fonts, but no option to disable Google Fonts at all:

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    and (2)

    I checked the documentation, but haven’t found how I can use the individual uploaded fonts just the same way for content and headlines like the Google fonts before?
    How can I do this please?



    Hi @Gitte,

    • Download the font you wan to use from google fonts
    • Choose Upload/Select Font Zip File
    • Upload the zip file
    • After the upload you should be able to mark the file and click “Insert Zip file”Insert Zip File
    • Then you can choose the uploaded font like you would normaly within the General Styling -> FontsUse custom font

    I hope this help.

    Best Regards,

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    @ (1)
    Thanks, but I have different font-weights in my ZIP?

    @ (2) and my second question?


    1. The font weight is the thickness of the font, 400 to 700, where 400 is normal and 700 is bold.
    Here are two follow up links:
    W3School – CSS font-weight Property
    How To Set Weights And Styles With The @font-face Declaration (scroll a little bit down, to find the start if the article)

    2. I don’t really know what you mean with the second question, you set the font for the headlines and the content in the general styling menu, If you choose there your uploaded fonts then no connection to the google server is made. If you are using the google maps feature of enfold, you can use this Disable loading of roboto font of google maps

    Best Regards,


    Thank you, Olaf.
    With question no. 2 I mean how to use my custom uploaded fonts for example for quotes?



    You would need to use some Custom CSS options to load the font, with a specific class on the quotes for example.

    Best regards,


    It´s really a bad thing that ENFOLD is using privacy System that is not wirking! Aaaaah!


    Hi hunter74,

    If you need help with your site then please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at it.

    Best regards,

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