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    How can we set Additional cookies for Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Commercial and Retargeting services ?
    I saw the adavanced Oprions Panel with the Additional Custom Cookies.
    I would like to create 2 additional tabs:

    • One for Social Networks (Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Another for Marketing cookies (Google Ads, Fb Ads, Etc.)

    Thanks for your help


    Hey I-Visio,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    You have to know the actual name and path of the cookies generated by the services. You can check it in the in the Networks tab of the browser inspector. Please check the documentation for more info.


    Once you have those info, go to the Additional Custom Cookies section and fill in the Cookie Name and the Cookie Path accordingly. There are also fields to add a description for the toggle shortcode and the cookie list. When it’s done, you will be able to create a dedicated tab for the custom cookie in the Modal Popup Window Content and use the following shortcode to create a cookie toggle.

    [av_privacy_custom_cookie cookie_name="COOKIENAMEHERE"]

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    Maybe I misunderstood something but if I Want to add for exemple :
    _gcl_au for Googel Ads
    _fbp for Facebook

    If I add first in the Additional Custom Cookies
    _gcl_au (see attached image)
    And add the shortcode : av_privacy_custom_cookie cookie_name=”_gcl_au”]Google Ads[/av_privacy_custom_cookie] in the Modal Popup Window Content
    The option is display
    When I click on the “+” link, none new Additional Custom Cookies panel is diplay
    If I replace the Google Ads cookies parameters with those of Facebook and add the associate shortcode av_privacy_custom_cookie cookie_name=”_fbp”]Facebook[/av_privacy_custom_cookie]
    This one replace the Google Ads one int the Modal Popup Window Content.
    Google Ads cookie
    Facebook Cookie
    Others services Modal Window



    Thank you for the update.

    Which “+” link button are you referring to? Please note that you have to manually create a new tab for the custom cookie in the Modal Popup Window Content section. It will not be automatically created.

    Please post the login details to the site so that we can create an example.

    Best regards,

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