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    the captions in a gallery only flicker quickly once on mouse-over after pageload and don’t show up after a second roll-over. (seen in Google Chrome)


    I can reproduce it on Firefox/Mac AND on IE/Win7



    On the 4th and 5th image in the first row, I see for a split second a tool tip fly above it and then disappear during mouse over,in chrome on win 7 after initial load.

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    then they pop up randomly over those 2 items. Looking at the code you have a tooltip assigned to those two images with the following (not all tooltips have same words, and other images have none)

    data-avia-tooltip="Strassenansicht nacher"

    Do you recall where you may have assigned a tooltip with those words for some but not every image?




    I have the same problem. Captions show only for a millisecond once after page load. Tested on my mac with firefox and chrome. I also have an issue with very blurry thumbnails in the galerie. You can see it here:



    This is a possible bug. When the mouse touches the image for the first time , the circle with the two arrows appears over the image and the image becomes desaturated of color. For some reason every time you touch that image again that circle somehow gets in the way of actually touching the image so the tooltip is not triggered. I made Kriesi aware of this

    However for now, if you don’t mind living without that circle being displayed over the center of the image when your mouse touches the image, you can do the following to get the tooltips working:

    Please open up /js/avia.js in your theme folder, and find line 260 which looks like the line below (without the //) and now add // in front of line 260 just like I’ve done on the line below

    //overlay = $("<span class='image-overlay "+span_class+"' style='opacity: 0;'><span class='image-overlay-inside'></span></span>").appendTo(link);






    Next update will remove the circle overlay on gallery thumbnails that interferes with the caption tooltip ;)

    Thanks for the notice!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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