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    I have a tab system set up on one of my pages to showcase different galleries, but once you click on two or three tabs, the galleries stop working. How can this be fixed? I have simply added the shortcode for the easy slider to each tab. Here is a link to the page:



    I’m not sure why this is happening. Let me tag Kriesi and the rest of the support team to help us out.




    Thanks, that would be great.



    Please update to v1.31 which has an update to the tabs widget.

    Please log into using the account you’ve purchased the theme under and download the latest update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite every single theme file including custom.css , so make sure that you created a backup first. The best way to upgrade the theme would be via ftp, renaming your current Enfold them folder on your server and then uploading the newest version of the theme. If you have made customization to your templates, but are no longer sure exactly where, I’ve made a comprehensive video outlining the easiest way to solve that issue.

    But right now the way to prevent it from disapearing would be to add this css, but first, let make sure we got the latest theme to work with

    #top .avia-slideshow-inner {
    height: 384px;
    -webkit-transition: none;
    transition: none;
    -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);




    I have updated the theme to 1.31, and added that CSS code to the quick css section in the templates, but it still seems to be having the same issue.



    Please take out that code from Quick CSS.

    I tested and had similar results. Have you seen this working on the demo or its something you are trying out? Because I am not sure if a structure such as you are trying to create is possible with the way the shortcode is setup..

    I will look into this further as well as pass this on up .




    I went ahead and took the code out of the quick css. This is just something I put together myself using the shortcodes. It works fine for the first gallery, but it stops working once you click through the different tabs.


    Hi creativestream,

    I know typically there are issues stacking shortcodes into each other though there have been a lot of specific changes with Enfold to allow for them we’ll need Kriesi to take a look and see if its possible in this instance and if so, if he can update the theme to allow for it.





    Thanks for the notice. I will see what I can do once I am back from my vacation. Dont want to touch the code right now since this would require some days of testing which I unfortunately dont have right now :)


    Hope you had a good vacation, has anyone figured out how to fix this yet?



    There still a few issues with priority but Kriesi will get to it as hes working round the clock on the next set of updates.Tomorrow I will take a look at one idea I had for a shortcut to get you off the ground, so please hang in there, we definitely haven’t forgotten.





    yes, found a way to make it work, will be shipped with the next update :)



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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