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    hello all
    on 2 homepages that I have created the galleries no longer work
    fortunately I still had a backup with the enfold version 8.4.1
    if I restore this the galleries work again

    thanks for your info

    kind regards


    it does not work here either

    Masonry gallery!
    and normal gallery
    both do not work

    have added a test
    link below

    thanks in advance

    enfold version 48.2


    it no longer works here either ?

    would be very urgent

    thank you and
    kind regards


    Hi Franz,

    The galleries are all working on my end, and I see that you are running Enfold 4.8.2 on most of your sites. How can we reproduce the problem you are seeing on your end?

    Best regards,


    Can you tell me what I can do

    can I undo the update ?

    and back to 4 8 1


    it is not only on my PC

    my customers also have problems opening the images


    when I look at the first picture here comes that is in a parenthesis ?


    where it works there is no clamp

    at this gallery if you move the mouse over the first picture
    no bracket appears


    here 2 examples

    thank you for your efforts


    have played back a backup here
    version 4 8 1

    here it works without problems


    here i have made another test

    481 without problems

    482 update made

    and no longer works


    Here you can log in
    and run the update


    Hello together
    have to delete this installation
    have now the version Enfold 6.8.1 in the main directory
    you can log in there with the same data

    Very urgent (I have about 25 Enfold installations, and the opening of the pictures does not work with the update to 4.8.2).

    with kind regards


    Hi Franz,

    Thanks for the updates. I can’t reproduce the problem you are describing on a test installation:

    The test installation you linked to is not working, would you be able to create another one so that we can update and run some tests?

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your feedback

    Now I have made 2 test installations again
    both with the same backup

    First enfold481
    works without problems

    Then enfold482
    Got the update to enfold482
    and it does not work anymore!

    Kind regards



    Thanks for that. I can’t see the problem on the 4.8.2 installation though, please see screenshot in private. Could you let us know how or where we can see the problem on that site please?

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your feedback
    the images are captured correctly, but when I am online I can not open them individually
    when I move the mouse over the image the width is shown in brackets and when I click on the image the message appears:
    unfortunately nothing could be found

    example how the link is displayed: below

    thank you and kind regards


    Hi Franz,

    Sorry about that, I misunderstood you when I posted my last reply. I see the same problem on my end, and it looks like it’s caused by one of your plugins. I tried deactivating all active plugins, and it works as it should after that. Please try activating the plugin one by one, to see which plugin is responsible for this problem.

    Best regards,


    hello Rikard

    Many thanks
    I did not think of that at all!

    My fault: wp-Typography Version: 5.7.2
    Attention: This plugin has not been tested with your current WordPress version.

    Is there a similar plugin

    thanks again for the super support
    Then you can close this request

    kind regards

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