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    Dear friend and helper!

    I just added a short mp4 video clip (approx 6 secs) to first slider with captions at

    When it loads the slider is black for a second or two, the 2 captions and button load and then the video. AS it transitions to next slide (sidewards transition) a black bar appears between the two slides. (next slide is static)

    I’ve chosen second choice in Video size. Video aspect 16:9

    I’m not even trying to get it to load on mobile device until this gets straighten out.

    Can you help me get the short video to load immediately without the black prelude and bar as it transitions?

    Thank you for any and all help!


    Hey Deb!

    Couldn’t really note any black bars on my end (Chrome / OS X 10.10), are you noting the issue on a specific environment?

    Best regards,


    Hi, Josue,

    That’s odd and great! So you did not see a fully black slider as the page loaded for a second or two before the snow video slider started?

    I have tried this on both my Macbook Air and desktop iMac, both 2014 models, running OS X 10.10. I have tried in both Safari and Chrome and still see that 1 second full black slider as site loads.

    Could this also have to do with settings on our web provider?

    I’ve provided log-in credentials below…. THANK YOU!



    I could see the black screen on Safari now, although that’s the expected behavior (the browser needs to “load” the video before it’s shown) one thing you can try is setting a image background to that slider, that way that will appear first and then the video.

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    Brilliant suggestion! OK, so that solved one thing… it eliminated the black bar on right hand side as the video slide transitions to second static image. Now, however, when the page loads the static snow image i added shows up first (in Chrome and Safari…. doesn’t fill full screen but i can fix that in photoshop) THEN it still has that complete black image, the two lines of text animate on screen and finally the snow video image.

    Could it be an issue with amount of “memory” we have allotted to this site? (on server?) Could we have too many pages? I really don’t know much about the innards of these things as you can tell!

    I will email link to a great site with slider video which I can’t find at this moment and have to run to work… I appreciate all your help!



    No, the amount of time the idle (black) screen is shown will depend on the user’s internet speed and computing power, another thing you can do is change the color of it:

    #top .av-video-slide .avia-slide-wrap {
        background: white;



    Hi Josue,

    Where would I input this code? I’ll certainly give it a try!

    Many thanks again!



    Go to Enfold > General Styling > Quick CSS.

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