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    I need some clarifications about how the full width slider is functioning as I am not getting the expected results. Even though I selected “No scaling” the images are somehow scaled on height and on the wide ones I am loosing details from the sides (see the private content).

    I tried to look on some documentation about the fullwidth slider but I could not find it. So here are my questions:
    – Are there any (general) rules or recommendations on how to use the images? Should they have all the same height or the same width?
    – What is happening if I am using different height images for the slider? will the slider adjust its height depending on each of the pictures or the height is standard set?
    – What settings can I use so the slider to disregard the height of the pic and to display it’s full width (is the height of the slider in this case variable, in case I am using different height images on different slides?). A fork from here would be when the width of the picture is smaller than full width. In this case I would like to know if the image could stretch proportionally in order to fill the width

    Thank you!

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    Hey Vlad,
    I looked at your site and it looks like your using the Full Screen slider, not the Full Width slider.
    I used your image on my localhost in the Full Width slider without scaling or image loss, please give it a try :)

    Best regards,


    Do you mean the full width easy slider? I have tried in my test system and looks ok: width is respected, now I should see how to adjust the height as this varies with each picture.

    If its not to much to ask I would like to know which are the differences between those two in order to understand when/what to use.

    Thanks a bunch!



    Follow some screenshots that you`ll see the difference between the Full width Easy Slider and the normal Easy Slider.


    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Thanks John, but I was asking about the difference between Fullwidth Easy Slider and Fullscreen Slider.


    Hi Vlad,

    The Fullscreen Slider is best used when you want the slider to take up the whole screen.

    The Fullwidth Easy Slider is best used when you want the slider to take up the whole width of the available space, and you want to specify the height of the slider as well.

    So in the case of the image that you gave, the Fullwidth Easy Slider is the better choice.

    I hope that helps!



    Thanks for the reply Sarah. For the moment the Fullwidth Easy Slider should solve my problem, although I should rework my images in order to adjust the height.

    What still puzzles me is why the Fullscreen Slider is stretching images and cropping them even when the image resolution of the picture has a width higher than screen resolution. This, in my opinion, makes the element difficult to handle as I do not fully understands how it works.




    You can control that if you play around with the sizes of the images.
    Have you tried that?

    Best regards,


    I would if I would have some behavior description… otherwise is trial and error and I do not know which tests should I run… a bit of documentation would help…



    Follow an article with details about this shortcode:

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Hello John, I am sorry to be such a bother, but the article is about the Easy Slider and about the Fullwidth Easy Slider. My question was about Fullscreen Slider…



    The images in the full screen slider are added as background and the background-size property, a css property, is set to “cover” ( This means that the background image will cover the whole container but in order to keep its aspect ratio, in a few cases, parts of the images has to overflow or may not be visible inside the background positioning area. This is fine for images without a distinct focal point such as patterns, textures, wallpapers etc but not advisable for portraits. If the subject in the images has to be visible or it has a certain focal point, please use the full width easy slider because it will resize automatically while maintaining the images’ aspect ratio.

    Best regards,


    now everything is clear! Thank you Ismael!


    We’re glad that Ismael is able to explain it well! :D

    Do you need any other help with this topic, or can we close this thread?

    Best regards,

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