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    I’m having issues with the Fullwidth Masonry, is it working as intended? When changing viewport / browser size / different devices the float seems to break on the last element and it’s not smart to load items hidden by “load more” when additional space in the existing rows becomes available. Any tips here?

    Try resizing the browser window and look at the portfolio items.



    From what i see is working as expected, maybe there is some delay if you resize it too fast, please note that the plugins has to re-calculate the position each time.

    Also, a new version of Enfold was released today, try updating it.

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    Thanks Josue, yeah i think the issue really comes into play when you expand width you get some negative space showing when there are other elements hidden behind “load more” that could fill in that space. and if you’ve clicked “load more” and change width the very last item has an extra 1px padding or something and it pushes it to the next level (in chrome at least). I’ll try updating and report back.


    It’s not possible at the moment to automatically load more items if there is more space, the button needs to be clicked. I think it would be better to let it show more items than 5 items.

    Also, i didn’t see that extra 1px padding you mention on the last item:

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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