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    After the update, the fullwidth easy slider and easy slider shows a white block with the slider indicators, but no images, despite opening to edit and everything is there. I’m using Enfold, PHP 7.3.12, and WordPress 5.5.1. I have uninstalled all plugins and tested to no avail. I currently have fullwidth easy slider hidden on site – advanced properties – responsive.

    Please advise remedy. We want to go live with the new website for the restaurant.


    Hey djcopywriter,

    Thanks for the login details. I can only see one fullwidth easy slider on your home page, and you have selected for it to be hidden on all screen sizes in the element options. If that is not is not the slider you are referring to then please link to a page where we can see the actual problem happening.

    Best regards,


    I selected the slider to be hidden

      because it’s not working

    when unhidden. You are welcome to turn it on/unhide it to repair. However, I don’t want a blank spot on my webpage for customers to see when we launch. Currently, I put a non-moving image as a placeholder. I did explain in the initial post that the slider was purposely turned off. Feel free to unhide to repair the issue.


    Hi djcopywriter,

    Please build a test page with just a slider and see if that works.

    Best regards,


    I did this originally to test. Please find link to same issue.

    Is there something in the Performance section of Enfold that I need to change?


    Hi djcopywriter,

    The Reviews menu link contains some characters that causes some js errors.
    Please try to use a url shortener like or and use that as your custom link for reviews.
    It should remove the js error and should make your slider work properly.

    Best regards,


    Thank you Nikko! That fixed it! Who knew a custom link could be such a pain in the backside. I appreciate your help!


    Hi djcopywriter,

    We’re glad that we could help :)
    Thanks for using Enfold and have a great day!

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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