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    On a new website I’m building I’m using a fullwidth easy slider for the first time.

    See the link to the website in the private content box.

    The photos in the fullwidth easy slider all have the same size in pixels. However, every time a photo switches to the next photo I see a small shift/vibration in all text/images on the rest of the page, below the fullwidth easy slider.

    I find this shifting/vibration of the text and images really annoying, so I hope something can be done about this?

    Incidentally, I see the same phenomenon in some Enfold demos, for example in this demo:

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Best Wishes,


    Hey Alwin,
    Thanks for your patience, I checked our travel demo that you linked to above in Windows in Chrome, Firefox, & Edge and I found no shift/vibration in the fullwidth easy slider, unfortunately, the link to your site was a 404 so I couldn’t check it.
    Typically when an element has more text in one slide than others, such as the testimonial element, it can cause a shift/vibration, I don’t recall seeing this in the easy slider, but perhaps it is the issue, please check.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your help! My local hosted website is online again now, the url and login changend so please look at the private content box under this reply.

    The problem is not in the slideshow itself, but in all the elements below the slideshow, so on the rest of the page!

    If you want to take another look at the Enfold demo I linked, then scroll down to the phrase “Traveling was never easier!” is approximately at the top of the screen and the slideshow itself is therefore no longer visible. If you now wait a few seconds until the photo is switched in the slideshow, you will see a slight vibration in the text. But the vibration can also be seen in the buttons (like the button called All destinations) in the slideshow element itself.

    On my own website, however, the effect is much more disturbing. If you look at the text “Fotograaf Groningen bedrijfsfotografie” and the text below it (Home page) you will see it vibrate every time a photo changes in the slideshow. I set the slideshow to 2 seconds so you can see it better and faster, but at 5 seconds the same thing happens.

    KInd regards,



    Thank you for the update.

    We can’t seem to reproduce the issue on our end, even in the theme’s travel demo. Would you mind providing a short clip of the issue? Please upload the video on imgur or dropbox.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael,

    Here is a video clip link to my website:

    Please concentrate on the text below the slideshow; you see it vibrating every 2 seconds.

    Same for the Enfold demo; it is vibrating (less visible then on my website) every 5 seconds:

    I hope you guys see it now; everbody here at the office does… :)

    The problem with this issue is that when pieces of text vibrate slightly, this is very user-unfriendly for the reader.






    I just found out that the vibration seems to depends on the used browser.

    So far I have only looked in the Edge browser, where the vibration is clearly visible. In Firefox, however, the vibration is completely absent and everything just stands still.

    In Google Chrome, however, the vibration is clearly visible again.

    So it seems that the problem should be in chrome based browser.

    Update 2: I checked on my Andriod tablet in Google Chrome. Using the tablet in vertical view the vibration is absent. Using the tablet in horizental view the vibration is vissible.

    Browser dependent and screen resolution dependent…?

    Anyway, in the most widely used browser, Google Chrome, there is an issue!


    Thanks for the feedback and for the video, I checked our demo page that you showed in the video in Windows in Chrome, Firefox, & Edge and I couldn’t see this.
    I can barely see it in your video, are you using any browser extensions have you checked if your browser can be updated?
    In the video of your site it is easier to see, but I can’t see your site live, I just get a 404 error, I see that you say it’s served on a localhost, will you be moving it to a live web server soon so we can see it?

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,

    Because the website I am building is indeed on a local server, I have recreated the page on which the problem occurs on a live server.
    See link details in the private content box below.

    I disabled all browser extensions and so on but nothing helped. Also, other websites I have build with other themes that don;t use the Enfold theme but do have a slideshow, don’t have this issue. So the issue seems Enfold related.

    Also, it seems that the option to set a custom scale size in Windows 11 System>Displays settings affects whether or not the webpage is vibrating. A higher setting than 100% in combination with a chrome browser gives a high chance of vibrations. At 100% the vibrations are gone!

    Since more than 90% of people use a chrome browser, and also the custom scale in Windows is quite often increased these days (especially on high resolution screens) I still think this is an issue you guys should look into?


    It sounds like you have found the issue is with the custom scale in Windows 11, since the issue doesn’t occur when the custom scale is set to normal (100%).
    The theme can’t adjust a user’s custom scale setting on their computer nor is the user’s custom scale setting told to the website by the browser, so there is not a way to adjust for this.
    I’m not able to reproduce the issue when my custom scale is set to 125% on Windows 10, unfortunately, I’m not able to update to Windows 11.
    I have asked the rest of the team for advice and will reply when I hear back from them, Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,

    Thank you so much for the help and great support always from the Enfold team :)

    Unfortunately I don’t seem to have found the cause after all. On my other computer Windows scale is just set to 100% and the website vibrates in Edge and Chrome…

    Best Wishes,


    Thanks for the update, unfortunately, I can’t reproduce it, I’m waiting to hear from another team member that can reproduce it and has some advice to correct it, Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

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