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    I´m having some problem with the fullslider not showing in IE7 and IE8
    look here:


    Today nobody use IE7… IE8 is used by just 10% of all users…. so don’t care about those…



    Can you please give us a link to the actual website? We would like to inspectit. Note that the theme is not compatible with IE7 below. You can check it on the Enfold’s browser compatibility.



    Melonmelon, thanks for that… :-/ Except everybody on XP of course, meaning schools and elderly

    Ismael, it´s in the link aswell, but here you go



    Can you try disabling all active plugins. The only issue I see in IE8 is the main slider images not showing but in my live dev site and on the theme demo I don’t get the same issue in IE8.

    While I understand the need for supporting IE8 as mentioned above its definitely on its way out. It isn’t supported by Google at this point either and XP wont even be supported by Microsoft come April of this year which will hopefully finally force everyone to move on to viewing the web in a modern secure browser.

    As for theme compatibility, all new themes on Themeforest are no longer required to support IE8 so finding a theme that does support it will become harder and harder. For now though, Enfold still does and the only items that I know of with issues are css3 elements which IE8 can not render. This shows on icons where they are square instead of circles, drop shadows on text/images and things like that.

    Best regards,


    I tried disabling them all. Still same issue. This is the screenshot after disabling all plugins


    I’m not sure why its failing on IE8 at the moment. I’m getting it on my end as well but don’t see why it should be happening.

    I’ve tagged Kriesi on the topic to take a look.


    Anything new about this?


    Now that 2.5 is out can you try updating and then re-setting the settings on that page. We had someone else with a somewhat similar issue but updating seems to have cleared it up.


    Doesn’t seemed to have helped.
    Don’t what you mean by resetting, but I tried to change the slider, update and then change it back.


    I am having the same issue, I put the site live a few days ago and had three emails so far saying people cant see the site. It’s definitely the slider causing issues.

    I have tried the fixes mentioned in the thread and I am using 2.5.2 but issues still remain. Are there any other suggestions at this stage?

    I also didn’t know what you meant by “reset the settings” on that page.


    By resetting I mean re-adding in the images and its settings for that slider.


    Ok, so I added a fresh and new fullscreen slider to a test page on my site, rendered it in IE8 and it’s still not showing up. Should this be happening, following the theme updates?

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    No, it shouldn’t be happening but it seems it is even still.

    I’ve tagged Kriesi on the topic and hopefully he can find a fix for these.


    Hi, could I ask what the latest is here please?


    No update as of right now unfortunately.


    we have released an update for ie8. ie7 was never supported by the theme though ;)

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