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    Right now, if I insert a fullscreen slider in a page with a sidebar, the slider is forced to the content side next to the sidebar, totally messing up the slider. What I would want it to do is make the sidebar stop, just like a “Content Section” would do. I would put the slider inside a content section, but that doesn’t work. Adding a content section above the slider only shows a separation before going back to sidebar.

    Is there a workaround? Maybe adding the same trick that the content section uses to interrupt the sidebar?


    Ok, apparently it’s a bug that made this not work. I saw that the fullscreen slider usually does force to fullwidth without sidebar, but on the page where I had added the fullscreen slider, there were Youtube videos added above the slider.

    In my page I have deleted everything above the slider except for a youtube video (inserted through the avia layout builder). So there’s no doubt about it being the video messing it up.

    I presume something isn’t closing correctly? This is the code available in the debug mode:

    [av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9']

    [av_fullscreen size='extra_large' animation='slide' autoplay='false' interval='5']

    [av_fullscreen_slide id='2557']



    Hi DavyE,

    Can I see your example page live? I just re-created what you have above and the video and slideshow were both fullscreen without issue.




    Sure you can! 2 versions, both with exact same content, just different ordering of the items. Version 1 has the fullscreen slider below the video, version 2 has the slider above the video. As you can see, the problem only appears when it’s below the video. And it doesn’t matter how much other content there is between the video and the slider, as soon as there is a video anywhere before the slider, it’s messed up.

    I’ve centered both the image and text in the slider so you get an idea of how wrong it is.

    Link with the problem:

    Link without the problem:



    You can control them with the column layout. Set the page to “No Sidebar”. Insert the fullscreen slider. Add a 1/1 column below then insert the video. Below, add a 1/4 column then insert a Sidebar element. Beside the 1/4 column, insert the 3/4 column for the content.




    I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that the sidebar has nothing to do with it. I only activated it to make the problem more visible. Check the links above again to see how it looks without the sidebar.

    As you can see, the fullscreen slider is still forced to a certain width instead of fullscreen. Something must still be wrong. No sidebar issue.



    On Enfold > Styling > Use stretched or boxed layout?, select Stretch Layout.




    Nope, it’s already Stretched Layout. :(



    I can see the issue now. It is very random. Try to switch back to Default Editor then update it. Go back to ALE and update it again then preview the changes. Sometimes it will be fixed, sometimes not. I’ll tag Kriesi.




    Tried about 15 times in a row now, doesn’t seem to change at all for me. :(



    Please update your theme. The current version is 1.71 and you are using 1.6. Please go to themeforest and download the latest version. Please be aware that the update will overwrite all the theme files. Here is a video by Devin on how to go about doing this




    I am already using 1.7. The reason why you see 1.6 in the source code is because I’m using a child theme in which I added Version nr 1.6 and haven’t changed the number to 1.7 since I updated Enfold to the latest version.



    I am still trying to figure out what the problem is. You keep mentioning a sidebar though i don’t see one on either of the links. If you want to have sidebar, full screen and then sidebar, or any combination of sidebar and full screen, the way to do it is by using the widget area in place of a sidebar.

    Take a look at this

    The colored areas above and below the sidebar are full fidth. and the sidebar is actually a widget area. The css code I used to style it is found here.



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