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    What I’d like to do is have the Fullscreen Slider (under Media Elements in Advanced Layout) just have one single image and then have text slide into the center of the page and out the other side.

    I’ve tried just repeating the image multiple times but with different captions, but even in fade mode there is a sort of flash/fade in on the back ground image each time the text changes.

    Can you think of a way I could achieve this? Does the Advanced Layer Slider (LayerSlider WP) allow for a full screen image just like the Fullscreen Slider? If I set Slider width and Slider height both to 100% would that work for the image and then I could just animate the text?




    Have you tried using a blank image as a placeholder for the second slide?

    Regarding your other question about LS, yes, it can be set to full-screen.



    Hi Josue… I appreciate the response and ideas.

    So the problem with a blank image for the second slide is that then my one image that I want won’t be there, right? Unless I set it as a background for that div, maybe? Would that work with the same scaling that the fullscreen slider uses?

    I really like the way the fullscreen slider handles scaling for responsive in that it both scales and crops depending what the constraining dimension is. I tried doing a color section at 100% minimum with a fixed image background but the image had to be a set size and didn’t scale down for smaller screens and mobile and only showed a very small portion of the image.



    This user had a similar request, please take a look:



    Thanks, Josue.

    I click on the other users link from the thread you linked to and the page is no longer there. Was he using the Fullscreen Slider or the Layer Slider?



    The slider is now here:

    It’s a Fullscreen Slider.



    That looks like the Advanced Layer Slider to me. It is full-width, but not full screen. I’m using the one that’s labeled Fullscreen Slider in the Avia Page Builder. I’ll post a link when I move the site from local to a dev server.


    It’s one of the built-in slider, not LS. Looking forward to hearing from you when you go live :)




    Thanks for the help, Josue. I was able to get it figured out using the forum topic you linked to and playing with the CSS. I can post my CSS here if you think it would be useful to other forum members.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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