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    Can I make a parallax fullscreen slideshow but with the “layer slider”?
    On the demo on home v.7 are you using an easy slider in a color section to make this parallax effect? Is it only possible with a slider and not the layer slider? Because i’m not able to drag and drop the layer slider module in a color box.
    If we can only use the easy slider, can you tell me how you add some text in boxes and a button on the slider? I don’t see where you do that because till now I have only used the layer slider…

    It would help me a lot to have those precisions.

    Kind regards


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    Hey chryseis!

    The full screen slideshow element is actually its own element all together. In Media Elements look for the “FullScreen Slider” element. When adding images to the element you can add a caption title and caption text to each image.


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    @chryseis – The layerslider does not have parallax capability baked into right now as far as I know. The fullscreen slider is the only “fullscreen” element that will actually adjust itself to the full screen of the viewer. By default it already has the basic “parallax” effect where the image is fixed to the background as you scroll up.

    For right now it doesn’t have video support but the majority of the work to add it in is already done so it shouldn’t be long before an update to add video support for the slider is added in.

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    Glad we could help. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues. It was planned for 2.5 but the holidays have slowed things down for everything.

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