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    First of all thanks for the theme that’s great.
    I feel like a true dummy but I’m not able to make caption visible in a fullwidth easy slider portfolio page, can you help me???
    the size of the slider png is 1030 for 1030, sure I made something wrong…

    thanks a lot

    my site is http://www.francescomessinapittore.com but I use a plugin for coming soon mode active
    I’ll give you the access in private
    sorry for my english…


    Hi anitasimon!

    Click on the Fullscreen Slider element then add or upload some images. After that click on the images that you want to add a caption or a title to.

    Best regards,


    thanks Ismael, it works!!! great! Could you be so kind tell me how can I edit the caption

    thanks theme and support are great

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    As Ismael mentioned, you can click on the image that would like to add caption, and enter caption http://i.imgur.com/xQ4f3zb.jpg

    Best regards,


    Hello, I’m having issues with the easy slider and full slider – both don’t work. They were fine and then all i now have are the arrows left / right – but the images i’ve selected don’t show. When I got to edit them they are all there?

    Home page of http://www.blissme.com.au PLEASE HELP!



    Please try deactivating all active plugins and check if issue remains. As i remember one other user had the same issue and it was plugin related.

    Best regards,


    hello, it didn’t fix the issue. All plugins deactivated. I’ve deleted the slider. re-installed it. no joy :-(


    Oh so frustrating now the images don’t show either :-( please help ASAP.


    Images are back up, but slider doesn’t work? When i add a horizontal ruler above the images is displaced to the right?

    Not sure what’s going on? ;-(


    Please help the issue is not resolved and I can’t launch my site. Non of the sliders are working?! I’ve been trying to get support for 8 days now with no luck.



    Can you please give us a link to the website? Did you try to update the theme?




Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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