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    My website is .

    I inserted a full-width submenu which links to the color sections (one page). There are two things I’d like to change:

    1) Can the submenu be sticky to the slide-show instead of the top of the page?
    2) Once I click on a submenu title and then scroll on top again, there appears a white space between the submenu and the slide-show – obviously the slide-show image does not stick all the way to the top

    Best regards,
    Michel (realit-treuhand)


    Hey Michel!

    It looks like you forgot the link to your site. Add that back in and we’ll take a look. You can set your reply as private if you wish.


    This reply has been marked as private.


    1.) I think your submenu is already sticky to the slideshow:

    or what do you mean exactly? please provide us screenshots showing what you want to achieve.

    2.) I can’t see any white space when scrolling up. Please show us screenshots with the issue (, dropbox).

    3.) I checked your submenu on my htc device and it works fine for me. Please check on another device as well.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy! Concerning 1) and 2) yes it is sticky and if I click on a submenu title it also moves to the section (e.g. #angebot) as I intended. However, if I scroll back to the top, you can see a small gap between the very top and the slider iage, this is how it looks like:

    It used to be a bigger gap, but I don’t know why, I didn’t cange anything. Could you possibly know how that is?

    Concerning 3) I currently have an other thread open regarding the mobile menu. It looks like this: and the mobile menu like this:

    I want the submenu to appear in the mobile menu. It doesn’t work even if I selected to hide submenu in the settings…

    Kind regards,



    I can’t see the gap or whitespace when I clicked the back to top button. Did you fix it?

    The mobile menu icon is not showing on mobile devices. Please update the theme to 3.1.5. That should fix the issue.

    Best regards,

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