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    Hi Team,

    again, I have an issue with two-three rows in a fukk width sub menu:

    I’d wish to show the mobile menu on iPad portrait mode (more exactly undeneath 1000px width – there the menu creates a third row without the white background) already or have a third row with white background for the menu. Please see the issue in the screenshot (item “Planungsingenieru (m/w)”):

    I already inserted thius quick css code:

    #top .av-submenu-container {
        height: auto;

    Thanks and cheers,
    Jan :)

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    Hi Jan!

    Try adding this to your custom CSS.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    	.responsive #top .av-menu-mobile-active.av-submenu-hidden .av-subnav-menu li > ul{display: none;}
    	.responsive #top .av-menu-mobile-active.av-submenu-hidden .av-subnav-menu li > ul.av-visible-sublist{display: block;}


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    Hi Elliott,

    thank you, but nothing changed. It even displays not correctly on an 1920×1080 display. The last item goes into the third line without the white background.

    I removed teh menu temporarily. Can you please tell kriesi about that issue?

    Jan :)



    Did you remove the submenu all together because I can’t see it on your site? We can help you with this but we need to see the issue in order to do so.



    Hey Rikard,

    it’s a live site of one of my client’s and he is not happy with the issue. This is why I can’t put it back there.

    But please take a look at the screenshot in my first post here. There yoiu can see the issue.




    Please save your page as a template and duplicate a private one where we can see the issue –
    then post login credentials here privately so we can look into it :)


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    There just isn’t enough space there for all of the links your using. Have you considered separating them into sub menus? When you do that they will display on hover to create more space.

    You could also consider using the tabs or accordions to create more space for them.

    Otherwise take a screenshot and highlight what your trying to do with them and we’ll see if it’s possible.



    Hi Elliott,

    Okay, now I know what is possible and what not.

    I could ask the client to generate categories for his job offers. But it could be, that he can’t do that.

    I will think about another solution and work without the menu so far.

    Thank you,
    Jan :)

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