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    Hi, love this theme so much!

    Just need some help trying to figure out how I can have the footer and socket on my website full width while the rest of the layout is in boxed. I tried editing the footer.php, but no luck! Thanks for any help! :)


    Hey! I checked it and tried to pull that off with several css rules but that does simply not work with the way the theme is coded :/

    In order to have a fullwidth footer you would need to modify the footer.php file and move the footer out of the wrap_all container (thats the easy part). Then you would need to re-write most of the #boxed css rules which is a major effort. If you need that done for you it probably takes an hour or two to pull it off, which is unfortunately out of the scope of the support we can provide.

    Also these changes might have implications on other parts of the theme which I cant yet predict and it might become rather difficult to support you with any future styling problems because of that :/

    Sorry for that

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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