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    Hi, I used a full width easy slider and activated the scroll down arrow.

    Depending on the image sizes, the function to scroll down is not active. I used images with 1920 x 1280 px for the desktop size and would like to have an anchor link to scroll down to the content (meaning it really scrolls down so that the whole slider is gone).

    I placed a color section below and named it home_content. Is it possible to enable an anchor link on the arrow to scroll down right to the content? I couldn’t find any solution for that.

    PS: Please find the credentials in the private content field.

    Best regards,


    Hey Dirk,
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the login. The reason your link was not working was because you had another element under your slider that is hidden for desktop elements, so the link wanted to point to this element, but it was hidden, thus not reachable.
    I switched the elements and now your link works.
    Please clear your browser cache and check.

    Best regards,


    Hey Mike,

    thanks a lot for solving this!
    Afterwards it’s pretty clear that it didn’t work because of the hidden element, but sometimes you got stuck ;)

    Best regards,

    PS: Maybe you could have a look at the other posts, too? They are not solved yet…

    Replied to this one and still have the Google Maps issue:


    Glad we were able to help, we will close this now. Thank you for using Enfold.
    Thanks for the links to your other threads.

    For your information, you can take a look at Enfold documentation here
    For any other questions or issues, feel free to start new threads in the Enfold forum and we will gladly try to help you :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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