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    Fantastically flexible theme! I encountered one issue though. I see that full screen mode for Royal Slider was able to be fixed by rectifying a z-index issue:

    .html_boxed #main, .unit, .units,  .content {
        z-index: auto !important;

    This works on a normal page, but not from within tabs. The same issue of the image getting trapped within the tab also happens with other plugins (leaflet, etc.) that use native full screen mode. Could just put the galleries on separate pages, but this is a peculiar issue that might need debugging.

    Also, from within tabs, the width is initially wrong, but when resizing the window, it fits. Wondering if this hinges on when the function is called.


    Hey prayaga!

    Our tabs use a z-index of 3. You can change it with following code

    .js_active .active_tab_content {
    z-index: auto;

    however I’m not sure if this will break the tab script or not.



    Hi Dude!

    It worked, thanks for the tip!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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