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    I’ve just updated one of my blogs to the enfold theme and added 2 posts via the enfold system. We would like to only show full length posts on the home page as it will in future be even more image driven and not have that much writing.

    I’ve created the home page and added the blog layout element and in the settings said “show full length post”. For some reason though it only shows an excerpt. On the video post (last one), it only shows the title and “read more”. It is a video post with an embedded vimeo video. Which does show on the detail page.

    // How can I show the full post in the blog overview page.

    // How can I make the video appear on blog overview page? How can I have the video also come up on the “related posts feature”.

    Thanks so much & kindest Regards, Corina

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    Hi Corina!

    You’d need to switch off the ALB on those Posts if you want the full content to get fetched in the Blog overview page.



    Hi Josue

    Thank you so much!! Happy Easter.
    Cheers, Corina


    Glad to help Corina, you too :)

    Best regards,



    im facing a similar issue here: I also want to have the full length posts on the overview page,
    however id like to use the advanced layout editor, so the posts can have that parallax background.

    I tried messing with the loop-index.php so that $content is always get_the_content() but then it throws off the whole page layout.
    Is it possible that i can have each individual post as an avia_section with a potential parallax background?

    Thanks for your help



    If you’re using ALB the file you need to use is template-builder.php and not loop-index.php.



    Hi Josue,

    okay, the template-builder.php applies the filters to the whole content and outputs it.
    What i currently have is an ALB page with a Blog Entries element so that the blog posts are outputted via the loop-index.php.
    However the loop-index only outputs an excerpt if you arent viewing a single blog entry, so i overwrote:
    $current_post[‘content’] = get_the_content();

    now if i put a:
    echo avia_new_section(array(‘close’=>true,’main_container’=>true));
    before the article is output in the loop-index im getting the full size background image on the overview page.
    Nevertheless my blogposts are cut in half and the header area is in a separate article and the content area is inside of the #av_section_x div.
    can you point me in the right direction how to get every blog post as if id be adding sections in an ALB Page?

    Thanks so much!



    What are you trying to achieve? can you post a link to the page where you have this?

    Best regards,


    How do i show video in blog overview page with excerpt. I am not using ALB




    Edit the post then set the post format to “Video”.

    Best regards,



    That did not work. I had to install a plugin that would display the video in the blog page.



    Are you using the grid layout option? If yes, then every post formats will not work. If the blog posts element is set to other blog layouts, it should work. You should see the video above the post title in the blog overview page.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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