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    Hello. I added the following line below for using the friendly URL tab name. It seems to work fine. However, whenever I create a link to the tab name URL, the page is not displaying correctly. I’m using the left aligned tabs, but when using the link, the tabs are not appearing on the page. This seem to work fine before adding in the new feature below.


    1. I only have the site local for now, but please let me know the correct syntax for creating the tab link. I’m using the post name for my URL’s and not Page ID.

    2. Please consider adding this feature into the TAB admin screen. I have to re-load this code every time I update the theme. Thanks!


    Hi joe88,

    The syntax is no spaces or special characters. Just like any other anchor in html.

    If you don’t want to lose code in your functions.php file you should either use a child theme or update manually and skip the functions.php file unless the version.txt says it was updated.




    Hi Devin. That does not appear to work. For example, if I select a tab, I get the following URL,

    If I use that URL in a footer widget link without the # sign, the screen shows page not found. If I include the # sign, the URL works, but the tab structure is gone. Hope this makes sense. Before the friendly URL tab name, using #tab-id seem to work fine. Thanks.


    Not sure why it’s not working in your case. The hash value should not link to other pages at all (it makes no difference if it’s #practice-area or #tab-id). Try to deactivate all plugins (maybe it’s a plugin conflict) and if this doesn’t help try to contact you hoster – maybe you need to change the server or htaccess configuration somehow. In addition your url structure seems to be wrong. will not work because the / at the end tells the server it’s a (sub)page. The correct url would look like:


    Thanks Dude. Problem solved. I used your URL and dropped the / between page and tab name ( Regards, Joe

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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