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    See screenshots for what I’m finding.
    Basically I have some number of columns, first column set to “Equal height”.
    They used to display side by side, with some padding from the left and right edge of browser window.
    Now they stack, padding goes to zero, and the bounding boxes expand to fill the width of the screen.
    If I change the column preference to “Individual height,” I get the columns back but the padding is still zero.

    How the page layout looks:
    The problem:
    If I change it to Individual height:


    This is still a thing, and I am surprised it’s been 3 days of silence from your team. Usually you guys are so prompt with your replies. Wondering if I posted this incorrectly. Also not sure how to best draw it to your attention.


    Sorry for the late reply, we have found an issue with shortcodes inside a code section breaking the themes shortcode parsing (element counter gets stuck) causing the Equal Height Problem. This might also be a problem when user loads elements that contain shortcodes like in posts or pages.

    So I came to your ticket looking to remove the shortcode inside the code section at the end of your about page, but it didn’t solve it, so I activated the debug mode on your site and copied your about page to a new test page and tried removing all of your other elements one by one, without success. Then I copied your page to my localhost to test on a clean install and the Equal Height worked there. Please see screenshot in Private Content area.
    Since my localhost has no plugins or other shortcodes, or functions.php mods, and your page works there I believe that disabling your plugins/shortcodes or CSS/functions.php mods will resolve your issue. Please let us know what you find.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your deep investigation of this problem. I’ll start disabling plugins now, and see what happens.
    In the meantime, I want to report a possibly related issue: how mobile views of multiple column layouts are showing up.
    Scroll down this page in a mobile screen perspective:
    Specifically you’ll see that the columns under “Concordia University + Faubion School” don’t stack (they used to) and same with the columns in the Color Section below that.

    Thanks again.


    The two sections seem to be stacking for me, can you include a screenshot of what you are seeing?
    please see screenshots in Private Content area

    Best regards,

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