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    I tried the following things with your theme:

    In AVIA mode:

    1) I tried to add some shortcode ( tag) into your price list to add some graphics into columns and it all worked fine. Just until the moment I re-entered the page and wanted to edit it. Somehow a slash was added by the backend to the tag and it didn’t work anymore.

    2) I edited the price list again to show the images and closed it. Then I added a new element to the page and saved the whole page. The graphics were gone at all. When I opened the price list again, the fields with the graphic tag were empty.

    3) I formatted some captions and texts on other pages (made them bold with the editor buttons for example or centered text). After saving first time all was fine. When I re-opened the items, the formatting was gone. If I created a second item the formatting of the first item of a page was gone (without opening it).

    I really don’t get what’s wrong. Especially when using the original formatting buttons without adding manual code. :) Perhaps you can help me?

    And a feature request: It would be nice to be able to center the text in the caption element (H1 to H6) of AVIA. Because adding manual

    tags works the same like the examples before. First, it is all fine, then after resaving or re-opening it dissappears.




    Hi Martin,

    The first thing to try is increase your php memory for wordpress. See:

    Upping it to 128 has helped most users with issues with the Advanced Layout Editor.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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