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    how do we get different forms to integrate correctly with the theme? we need to imbed a salesforce form but it is interfereing with part of the theme and not working properly from the backend.



    What issues do you encounter? Can you be more specific? Please contact the plugin author.




    Thanks for the response Ismael. We are trying to use the Advanced Layout Editor (ALE) to insert the <form> code into a text box. The complete code can be seen here:

    The form displays on the page when loaded only once. On the WP backend it causes the ALE to fail, objects don’t display normally, and the text box the <form> code its in deletes itself when the backend is accessed.

    How can we get the ALE to function with <form>, <label>. <option> and <input> tags present?

    Thanks again.



    I suggest you use the Text widget on Appearance > Widget, paste the form code there. Create a custom widget then apply the Text widget with the form code. Go to the page, insert a Sidebar element then select the custom widget.

    You can also just use the Contact Form element.




    Ok, thanks much Ismael. Is there any reason why the ALE has trouble with certain HTML tags? We had this problem yesterday with a (font) and a (sup) tag, I know (font) is deprecated, but I was surprised to see that it caused all of ALE to crash.



    I am having trouble replicating this issue. What version of the theme are you using?




    Hey Nick,

    I haven’t been able to find which version of Enfold we are using. Where is that documentation located?

    As far as the issues are concerned, I have implemented the recommendation put forth by Ismael, and it is working as an acceptable workaround. Nevertheless, I would like to know what is causing the failure so as to avoid triggering it again in the future.

    If more details are needed regarding the nature of the problem, please let me know.




    Please follow the instruction here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -line-breaks#post-129384



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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