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    I need to change the text colour of the content of TWO footer widgets. A link to a sample page is provided. Can you please help with BOTH of the following related bits of CSS. Thanks.

    1) Change the news headlines in the “Recent News” widget to rgb(221, 221, 221)

    2) Change the monthly archive links in the “News Archive” widget to rgb(221, 221, 221), with a rollover colour of white.


    Hey Ben!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    section#newsbox-4 .widgettitle, #archives-2 .widgettitle {
    color: #DDDDDD;
    section#newsbox-4 .widgettitle:hover, #archives-2 .widgettitle:hover {
    color: white;



    Hi Yigit. This didn’t work. It targeted the wrong element. (The widget titles rather than the elements of widget text I mentioned.) But I was able to use it to figure out the answers. You can mark this as closed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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