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    hello ,

    I have a critical problem with Footer Columns option :

    1) I set up footer with Footer 4 Columns option :


    2) Please Check last footer column and next widgets:


    Footer4 has “Contacts”

    3) I changed footer from 4 widget to 3 widget


    4) UPS !

    the 4th widget disappear , but text record Contacts from 4 column left ! And moved to the next sidebar widget Forum !


    and all records below also moving up !

    please help to fix this theme mistake


    Unfortunately this is not a bug but a wordpress limitation. WordPress saves the position of widgets with ids (the first widget area has the id 1, the second 2, etc.). If you remove/add a widget area wordpress will re-calculate/re-count all ids and now the next sidebar area has the id of the previous sidebar area you deleted. If you set the column option to 3 the “4 column” sidebar area is missing and wordpress thinks that all these widgets belong to “Forum” which is displayed directly afterwards. So if you change the widget area number make sure that column 4 does not hold any widgets.


    Thank you for explanation !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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