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    Update: After editing content on the page several times, the footer has reverted to the correct colours.I didn’t change anything else. I’m leaving the post here in case someone else has a similar problem.

    Since updating to Enfold 4.0.2, certain colours in the footer are changed but only on one page. All the other pages display the colours set in General Styling – Footer as expected.

    There is nothing special about the page. All the layout settings are the same as the other pages on the site except that this page has the Header Visibility and Transparency set to ‘No transparency’. Changing this has no effect. All pages display the same four widgets that only contain text and links..

    The Primary color, Footer Heading color and Highlight color are different.

    Also, a white line appears on this page only between the footer and the socket.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hey Steven,

    if you experience this problem again please post us a link to the page in question and a page were it actually works as it should and we will take a closer look ;)

    Glad its working now

    Best regards,

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