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    I cannot seem to change the footer information. I have removed every widget and it still shows every a list of every page from the template, categories and interesting links.


    Ahh, that one. In widgets > footer 1 , footer 2 footer 3 footer 4 etc columns are they empty ?

    In my case even if I deactivated footer widgets it kept popping out. Try adding a widget or put a blank text widget if it fixes it. In my case for footer 1 footer 2 footer 3 columns I just placed a blank text widget



    @dsgnerfw: Thanks for the tip.

    @heidi22: He is right, you can place a dummy widget like blank text widget on Appearance > Widgets. Place it on Footer widget areas. You can also disable them on Enfold > Footer > Footer Columns, select “Select..”.




    Thanks guys that worked. And I was able to add the info I needed into the columns.


    Glad that Ismael set you back on the path.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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