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    Good day to you!

    I recently have the problem that the Enfold fonts are not used everywhere.
    For example here:

    This is quasi ugly. How can this be made to work again?

    I don’t use Google fonts on the website for a long time, for example.

    Many greetings


    Hey Susanne,
    Thanks for your question, do you mean the font used in your mailpoet form:
    this seems to be the font Monaco, is this a custom font that you have installed?
    What font do you want to use, Open Sans?
    Typically you would select the default site wide font at Enfold Theme Options ▸ General Layout ▸ Fonts
    If this doesn’t help please include an admin login in the Private Content area so we can examine, is there other places that you want to change the font?

    Best regards,


    Good morning to you!

    Yes, exactly I mean the Mail-Poet font. However, recently there is the same problem on pages with other plugins. Look:

    In Enfold, Open-Sans has been set for ages!

    That’s exactly the problem: the correct font is set there, but in some places it is ignored and another one is simply taken.

    I have this problem on more websites, including client websites. That means it’s no use if you set it on our club website and I don’t know how you did it. Because it must be done x times….

    best regards

    Translated with (free version)



    Please try this in Quick CSS:

    .mailpoet_paragraph fieldset, .mailpoet_paragraph legend, .mailpoet_text_label {
        font-family: 'open-sans' !important;

    Best regards,



    yes, that works :-) Thank you!

    The same problem still exists now with the MEC event plugin … more precisely in the checkout of it. Can you help me here too? There the problem exists only when it is selected that the theme fonts should be used instead of Google fonts.

    best regards

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