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    This post is a continuation from the earlier post here re. The Events Calendar 5.x styling issues with Enfold:

    The original post is closed to new replies, so I am following up here. (Mods, please feel free to combine these posts if desired.)

    Mike, in the original post you wrote:

    this [styling] is set by TEC and we would respect TEC content styling, so we or you should not want the theme style to override any TEC style within the main body within the template-event-page div.

    This is not quite right. As I had described, the Enfold theme applies style modifications dynamically to the TEC events pages to make them follow the current theme styling. This is set via the following PHP file: /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-events-calendar/event-mod-css-dynamic.php

    What appears to be happening now (post-TEC 5.x), is that TEC is also applying styles dynamically, and these are overriding the intended Enfold theme modifications.

    I discovered the true issue while attempting to restyle the h3 heading elements on our events pages (if you recall these were defaulting to Arial and not following Enfold theme styling). Even !important CSS overrides were not working, so I decided to check the TEC settings. It turns out there is a setting to control CSS:

    <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'/ rel=The Event Calendar Display settings" />

    I found that I could override the styles successfully only if I selected Skeleton Styles here.

    This addresses certain things (like the font-family styles) but does not fix up ul element spacing or bullet type, so we still have to apply some custom CSS in our child theme now that was previously unnecessary. I hope that you can find a way to restore the original Enfold restyling behavior in a future update.

    Thanks again for listening.


    Hey Gary,
    Thank you for the feedback but this is the correct behavior, as I tried to explain here, the main content of a TEC page in the div with the class .template-event-page (note the word “event”) is meant to be styled by TEC and not overridden by the theme defaults, when the default stylesheet for events is used, ie. “Tribe Event Styles” as your screenshot above shows.
    If you choose to use the “Skeleton Styles” option you are saying that you do not want to use the TEC v5 styles and thus the basic element styling for the elements is used, for the lack of any other styling.
    Sorry if I have not explained this well, here you have the option to use the TEC style or not, as for your custom shortcodes that add ul’s and have a different element spacing or bullet type, I also tried to explain how you will need to apply your own css to adjust because not all users will be using the same customization as you are.

    Best regards,

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