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    I have been contacting Kriesi via Themeforest and their contact form on this site 3 times about this issue. I’ve filled out all the surveys that were given to me as an option and still the loading bar appears as if I’m yet to fill out any. I have requested the password from Kriesi but they haven’t dignified me with a response as yet. I even tried to purchase credit through FileIce but you need to register an account and my application to apply for the purpose of not doing surveys was denied.

    I need the password. I purchased this theme 5 days ago and have attempted contact on 3 of those days with no response. I would LOVE to know that their “24/7 Support” claim is at least somewhat legitimate.


    Hi danieloath!

    I’m sorry but your post doesn’t make any sense to me. First we are not affiliated with a company called “FileIce” and we can’t provide support for whatever they do/offer. Second we never ask our customers to fill out a survey for themes and we also do not host a survey website anywhere else. If you purchased a theme from you can download it here: after you logged in ( ). The theme files are not password protected and you can unzip/install them without requesting additional passwords.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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