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    I’m happy with Enfold theme. But still I’ve 2 important features I want to mention for the Avia Builder. (Edit Page)

    1. Within the Avia Builder, it’s possible to hide specific sections for Mobile. What’s great. What I’m missing though is to choose hiding from Desktop also. It would be great to offer this feature because that would save developers a lot of time changing css via media queries.
    2. Customize the title of the Content Sections AND Grid Rows.
    Let me explain why: When you build specific Mobile-sections, it would be enormous helpful to see what sections are only build for mobile (or desktop). Because otherwise you lost the overview of all sections, especially for clients. When we could renaming the sections (display left corner where we now see the title of the standard section ‘content section‘ for instance), clients and developers also can see what each section is about! I know a theme that has already offer this and it’s absolutely a benefit!

    See link to an image of what I mean: Avia Builder – customize title sections

    Hope you can offer these two features in next update? That would be awesome!!!


    Hi ALCOR!

    Thanks a lot for letting us know, about those, we do appreciate it a lot.
    We will do forward the suggestions to Kriesi and if he thinks that it is something that can be implemented, he will go ahead.

    Thanks a lot


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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