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    I have been excited to work with Enfold since I first laid eyes on it. After purchasing I dove right in and played with many of the features. Thank you for such a beautiful template!

    Now for the bad news.

    I have a page layout template used on all three of the following pages that successfully displays Featured Images from the selected categories in a Post Slider above Blog Posts:

    The same template was used to for the following page minus the Blog Posts in an attempt to copy the success of displaying Featured Images as in previous pages. Instead I have 4 1/4 content boxes with Custom Text Blocks with links and Post sliders that also work just fine.

    My Frontpage however has an issue with the Post Slider:

    The Post Slider, used from the template that works on the three other pages, displays only one Featured Image in the slider. This happens to be the most recent post which was imported with all the others. When the Post Slider rotates to the next image it displays that image for only a split second and then it disappears. No other images can be seen from then on. The Post Slider also seems to end after the assigned number of posts and does not recycle.

    Whats worse, the Featured Images do show in the 4 1/4 Post Slider sections under the large one with the issue.

    Please help?!



    First,upgrade to Enfold 1.8.1. See if it fixes the issues.

    Increase the wp php memory limit to 128M or higher. Edit wp-config.php, add this code:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

    If you have .htaccess file, add this code:

    php_value memory_limit 128M




    Ismael, thank you for the assistance.

    I have tried editing the wp-config.php by adding the code. I did that by adding the following right before the “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging” comment.


    *Added per Ishmael from Kriesi to aid in front page post slider issue.


    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);

    I’m still seeing the issue after the 1.8.1 update as well as the code addition.

    Just to make sure, where in the wp-config.php file should that line be added. Also I can edit the .htaccess file. Is it better to edit one over the other? Perhaps both?

    This problem is also now repeating on our Reviews page here:



    There is probably a plugin which is causing the issue. Please try to deactivate them, see if the issue persist. Activate them one at a time to find the chaotic plugin.

    Increase the limit to 256M. Please contact your host to change it on php.ini file.




    php.ini file updated. All plugins deactivated. Problem persists.

    On a side note, the information is being called and presented. Its just not visible. I can highlight and copy the text and moving the mouse over the section leads to each URL in the slider. Just can’t see it.



    Please send the login details on ///.

    Include the word “Kriesi” on the subject. Add the link of this thread on your email.




    I updated the page and the main post slider started showing the images again. I configure the Offset Number to 1, I think the issue is about the post slider pulling posts from the same categories. I’m not sure about this but it seems that the problem is solve.

    Check the page:




    Thank you Ismael. Took me a second to realize how to get what I needed moved over to the official site but it looks like its all working just fine. Now time to re-size and update a few image URLs and I should be good to go.

    The help was very much appreciated.



    Glad it works now :)

    Best regards,


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