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    Here is the deal,
    In my post page list, I can see all featured images, however the blog post where the feature image is not showing when it is clicked so I can read it all, is the post that I use the Advance Layout editor with.
    If I switch back the the default editor, in put the information, the featured image will show correctly when clicked to read the information, however I do not have the elements that I need to make the post page how I want using the builder tools.


    I want to let you guys know that I have solved this problem, the ALB is not to be used in the post pages, only the default editor, I used the menus in there to get the tools I need. Thanks in advance.


    Hi photoshopuzr,

    We are happy to hear that you have solved the problem. :)
    Also for further information, when Advanced Layout Builder is used on the post page, everything the default page shows is gone and you will need to rebuild it, so you will have to add the image manually, also, even when ALB is enabled in post pages, you still need to add the featured image although it will not be shown on the single post itself but it is used when blogposts fetches on it.

    Thank you for using Enfold and have a great weekend!

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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