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    I upgraded my theme from “Eunoia” to “Enfold”, and with the transition the option of selecting a featured image on a portfolio-item has disappeared on my site. All the already set featured images remained and are show correctly but I cannot change them or select a new one (for the portfolio-items). Would love to be able to add some more portfolio-items but am unable to do so for the moment. I am also using the “Display a big image in a lightbox”-option.


    Hi nickdeclercq,

    There are a couple of things to try.

    First, go to a new portfolio item and then scroll to the top of the screen. Click on Screen Options and make sure Featured Image is checked.

    Next, deactivate all active plugins that you have running on the installation. Then log out and log back in and try adding a new portfolio item with featured image, again make sure featured image is checked.




    Dear Devin,

    The option of “Feature Image” under screen options was gone. I could revert back to Eunoia and see the feature image option and have the feature image again.

    But I did find the plugin that was interfering in Enfold: SuperSlider-Media-Pop. So it is now deactivated and I can select and edit my Featured image once again.

    Thanks for replying,




    Glad it is fixed now. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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