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    I am one of the many people trying to use a custom lightbox plugin (FooBox) for galleries and such. The support forum has many requests for how to turn off the default prettyPhoto and the answer is always by editing js/avia.js and commenting out the prettyPhoto line there.

    Unfortunately this gets overwritten with theme updates and as far as I know, there isn’t a way to maintain this in my child theme (if there is a way, then perhaps that would be the solution), so it’s kind of a pain to remember to re-edit the file after every update of the theme.

    Would it be possible to just make this a theme admin setting? A simple “disable prettyPhoto” checkbox?


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    We are aware of that, in the meantime you can use this child theme (as a starting point), which deactivates the standard pp lightbox and loads the fancybox script instead.

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    Good Afternoon,
    Thanks for great Tech support.

    This is a 2 part question. As per prior support answer:
    Enfold\js\prettyPhoto\js folder and open jquery.prettyPhoto.js file. Search “theme” and find
    and change “pp_default” with “dark_square”.

    Is there a way to edit or call a replacement jquery.prettyPhoto.js file in a child theme such as the child theme attached?

    Also I just downloaded this child theme and it has a lot of existing function calls?

    The child theme I currently run was from last year and came with a blank function file which was used for styling only. I have added few simple functions but nothing referencing similar functions to this sample.

    Is this updated child theme a better version to work from (just without the dequeue / register scripts related to the question above for fancybox?

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    The child theme is no better or worse. It simply is a different starting point for a different purpose.

    So you can bring over those functions to do the same thing.


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