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    Hi Enfold,

    I have seen that Image Sourceset is in progress.

    Can I ask that client side lazy load is also added at the same time?
    You can set the items that do not work with lazy load like the masonry gallery to ‘eager’ to exclude them from the lazy load.

    Feature request: Add an exclusion for JetPack Lazy Load?
    The biggest issue with existing lazy load plugins is that they apply to all images on the site with little options to control them.
    If you were to exclude all of the portfolio grid, masonry and grid galleries from the lazy load, Enfold would be compatible. Is this possible to include in Enfold as standard?
    See source below for excluding from jetpack lazyload:


    Now that fonts can be controlled on page load, this is the last major item on my Google Page Speed insights tests to fix with Enfold.


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    Thank you for bringing this up. I will forward it to our devs.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    Did you hear back from the Devs?

    Would be good to see client side lazy load and plugin lazy load exclusions added as above added at the same time as srcset support for ALB elements.

    Just an FYI srcset works on woocommerce pages within Enfold just not with ALB elements.
    You can see this in action on the shop page of one of my recently launched sites.


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    Thank you for following up on this. Our devs are still working on the issues.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,
    I received this today from the WP community:

    Browser side Lazy Load is definitely being incorporated in WordPress 5.5 by default.

    Can this be added to the list of features in development?

    I think its great that the Core team are adding things which resolve the last optimisation issues with Enfold.

    Once Image Sourceset and lazy load are working fully with Enfold then I expect that the sites I produce will score close to or over 90% in Googles new Web Vitals Metric with Enfold.

    Performance for most sites sits at about 71/100 at the moment, however I have a couple of sites reaching 90/100 depending on the design.

    I am going to play around with some of the tools that can trim the merged stylesheet down like AMP when I get the chance.



    I added the WP lazy loading to our dev repo. We certainly will address it in near future – not sure if we can get it for our next release.

    According jet pack lazy loading.

    As there are many plugins around adding this to core will not be possible. But we think about adding filters so we can allow extension plugins to hook and do the changes they need. This is more flexible and easier to maintain.

    Best regards,


    Hi Gunter, Thanks for the update,

    Sorry the thread has developed a bit since my original post.

    The Jetpack option was just an idea and as Jetpack includes a free CDN it seems like a good option for most Enfold users without add extra plugins to handle lazy load specifically.

    The announcement that WordPress 5.5 will include Browser Side Lazy load by default will resolve the issue in modern browsers (excluding Safari to date).

    So if you can add compatibility for Enfold with WordPress 5.5 Lazy Load to the Dev Repo that would be great.

    As above, the announcement for 5.5 is below:

    Thanks again,



    Thanks for this feedback.

    Best regards,


    Ok UPDATE:

    Lazy Load from jetpack works with Portfolio grid – Provided that you specify the size of image to be used.

    So I now have it running on my company site as a test.
    Jetpack image optimisation also deals with Srcs Set as well to some extent.

    looking good!

    I will now be looking at CSS tree shaking to and a few caching issues in my relentless efforts to score 90/100 in Web Vitals!

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