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    It would be great to have the option within the ‘post slider’ (when configured to use custom entries) to have no titles or captions display at all.

    I can see the need for a clean, minimal slider, purely image-based. A good example would be (a very common) ‘clients’ slider where there never is the need to display the company name alongside the logo.



    This could apply to the ‘portfolio grid’ too. Some beautiful themes out there that show purely flat, clean, minimal image-only grids. Ideally then the title, caption could appear (as yet another option) upon rollover…


    – No title or caption

    – Title appears on rollover

    – Title and caption appears on rollover (might not be possible due to listing grid size)

    – Permanent title

    – Permanent title and excerpt

    Love the theme, just feeling the permanent text is a handicap.


    I implemented “No title or caption”, “Permanent title”, “Permanent title and excerpt” and other options:

    They’ll be available in the next update. I decided that the rollover effect doesn’t make much sense because it shifts the content (which looks weird and probably irritates the user) or (if we just “hide” it and fade it in) it creates a big white gap underneath the slider. Thus I think it’s better to complete remove the title/excerpt or to show it – imo more intuitive and user friendly.


    Why not on rollover? Place the title & caption bottom left – in my opinion the ideal UI direction. It is terribly common for WP themes to show info only on rollover (although they are normally centre and this theme contains an icon centre) so it’s just placed elsewhere… being responsive and with thumbnails scaling I’m not sure about fitment issues at min sizes.

    Anyway, looking forward to the update! Cheers.


    Also note the upwards pointing arrow at the bottom of image thumbnails. Nice to see that removed if there is no title and excerpt as I think it then serves no purpose other than to be purely cosmetic.


    I’m going to close this topic for now so it doesn’t turn into a secondary Enfold feature request topic :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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