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    i have the following problem.
    On my landing page until now i have used your enfold mailchimp signup tool. So i have one field where the users could enter there email adress, and next to it there is a button to confirm.

    I want to change that, that i only have the “Download now” – Button and after they click it, a window pops up where they have to enter their mail adress and click again and finally on the button.

    I created this pop up with Optin Forms by fatcatapps. So they gave me an implementation code for this pop up which sounds like this: <button data-optin-cat=”2527″>Jetzt herunterladen</button>

    The button design of them is very ugly, so i want to use “button” by enfold, and if the user clicks on this button the OptinForms Pop up appears.

    Unfortunately, i cant implement such a code into the enfold button, cause its only accepts links or pages or so.

    Could you help me?


    Hey Niico93,

    You can add this button via the code block element. Have you tried it like that?
    Can you show us what you’ve got so far and give credentials so that we can check the page layout?

    Best regards,


    Yes, i know, but then the button looks not very nice.
    So if you look at this page:

    You see:
    – the field where the user could enter his mail adress
    – plus the button as call to action after he types in his mail adress

    What i want is:
    – a single obvious button like “Download now” and if the user clicks on it, a pop up comes up, where he still needs to type in his mail

    So that it looks like this:

    View post on

    The problem is that i cant implement the code into the “enfold button” which i drag & drop
    So if you know other options to do that , woud be very nice :)

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    Hi Niico93,

    No, that will require some amount of customization. You might want to hire a freelancer to do it for you.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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