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    I’ve experienced HTTP ERROR 500 once updated to 4.0.6 version…going to restore backups


    Hi all!
    The issue has been reported and will be fixed soon. For now you can comment out that line via FTP and should get your websites up and running.
    Thank you for your patience! And sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.


    Thanks for the file SWAREZ. I could not overwrite my theme. I just created a new folder in my directory (themes) and copied the files in that folder. (I called it enfold_4_0_5) I could then activate the other ENFOLD theme. (I had to edit the php error first with a php editor in the new version of enfold (4.0.6) to have access to WordPress to be able to change the theme. I used Bluefish which is free. The comment out an error, just add // before the problematic line.

    Hope this helps..


    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for the notice. This is an issue caused by very old PHP versions, so we unfortunately missed it. Sorry for that! The update (v 4.0.7) is already on its way to Themeforest and will be available within the next 15 Minutes or so. An alternate way to fix the problem is to update your servers PHP version. If you dont know how to do that please simply wait for the patch ;)

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Best regards!



    Hi Kriesi,
    What is the target php version we should use? Actually my site works with php 7.0 and it crashed after update.


    For those of us who don’t understand all of this (and whose tech guy is unavailable)… how will we get 4.0.7 into our website if we can’t get access in the first place…? Help please!!!



    php ver 7.0 shouldnt have any problem.
    In any case, Kriesi is pulling out the proper update for you, it should be working fine.
    We do appreciate your patience, it should be online in less than 1h!

    Thank you very much

    Best regards,


    Which PHP 7 version should we use?

    Standard Vs Single Vs FastCGI

    Our System allows you to run PHP scripts a few different ways. You will see these options along side each PHP version on the version selection page.


    Allows multiple php.ini files. This is allows you to control the php configuration on a directory by directory basis by placing a php.ini file in any folder.

    Single php.ini

    All php.ini files except ~/public_html/php.ini will be ignored. This will make your php configuration more manageable as everything is controlled from a single file.


    In some situations running in FastCGI can improve the performance of your website. FastCGI runs PHP scripts through mod_fastcgi which eliminates the startup overhead for each script.


    Hey Alex!
    Actually PHP7 should work fine, even with the latest update. However it might also be the case that its a server setting that was commonly used on older servers and only on some new ones. If you are on PHP7 you are fine generally speaking. The theme update should help you anyways since we completely removed the code statement that is causing the problem.

    @koncium: if you post us your ftp details in a separate thread (marked as private reply) we will gladly update the theme for you.
    Basically you need to connect with an FTP tool and simply remove the old Enfold folder from your wp-content/themes folder. Then replace it with the latest versions. But if you don’t know how to use FTP we can do that for you, just open up a new thread ;)



    Thanks guys,
    Will try the update once it’s available. Anyway I have backups :) Will get back to you with results.


    Just a quick notice: The Update (v 4.0.7) is now available on Themeforest :)


    4.0.7 works fine! Thank you so much for the prompt fix!



    @Alex Glad it worked for you! :)

    We will keep the thread open and will wait to hear from the creator of this thread. If you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to start a new thread.

    Best regards,

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