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    quick brief, so ive cloned our original wordpress website to a new managed wordpress hosting by godaddy so that we can try and resolve many problems with our current website

    the old website was running WordPress 4.5.20 with enfold 3.6.1 with child theme enabled

    any attempts in the past to update enfold, or wordpress failed miserably thats why we cloned the website to figure out the problem

    now initially after everything was copied we updated to wordpress 5.3.2 and enfold parent theme updated to 4.7.4, and woocommerce to 4.0.1

    the home page doesnt seem to be working normally, and at a certain point on the backend we received either of those two errors

    Failed to initialize plugin: avia_builder_button
    Failed to load plugin url: /wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/assets/static/admin/js/ls-admin-tinymce.js

    i cannot replicate the error any longer

    thank you in advance for your help


    Hey ksaady,

    I can’t load your site, please see private. Also, what does this mean:

    i cannot replicate the error any longer

    Does the problem not occur anymore?

    Best regards,


    Apologies Rikard

    there as a problem with godaddy service, and i had to re-clone the entire website

    the problem still persists as i cannot view the home page correctly, but i am unable to get the error code message again,

    I re-activated the login credentials provided before

    Let me know what do you think the problem is

    Appreciate your help




    Thanks for the update. I see some error messages related to jQuery on the front page, what happens if you disable all plugins in order to check for a possible conflict?

    Best regards,


    I disabled all plugins, reverted to another theme, and then re-activated the child theme and plugins one by one,

    there were two plugins not performing correctly and i discovered that by debug plugin,
    1-admin bar removal
    2-Wp woocommerce redirect

    now the problem still persists, while i cannot see the error i reported before, however many elements of the front page are not loading on the child theme

    and many other elements that were customized on the original website are not available on this cloned website

    any clues?

    thanks in advance


    Hello Again,
    I managed to install a plugin named jQuery Updater which partially fixed the home page issue, but there still remains many issues and features originally customized for the original website that are now lost after the complete updates

    let me know what you think please




    Thanks for the update. I can’t see anything which is obviously broken or missing from the home page, could you try to specify the problems a bit further please? Also, what exactly was customised and how? What exactly did you lose?

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,

    1-For example by comparing the old and the new website the product galleries had a functionality of add to wishlist button instead of add to cart
    and it would popup an overlay block over the product thumbnail with dropdown menu or options,

    2- another example is the my wishlists in the top menu, upon hovering it should display an dropdown overlay gallery of the most recent used wishlist

    these are some of the examples




    The theme doesn’t have those functionalities by default and we didn’t really add anything new for the latest Woocoommerce version, so this is definitely an issue between the plugin and the extensions. Please contact the plugin author for additional help.

    Best regards,

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