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    When I post the link to the website my post is picking up the sampler image from the Layer Slider and theme text “Aenean massa….” I can not seem to locate where this is being pulled from as I have replaced the images in the layer slider. Could use a little help.


    I should add that I installed the dummy data. Is there a way besides simply replacing the images and text in pages/posts or deleting the pages/posts that I need to get rid of any and all dummy data?


    Hi annettedaniel,

    You’ll need to use a plugin that provides the open graph data directly to Facebook if it isn’t picking up the image you want it to. I believe Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin will add that in for you through the settings now so you can give that a try first.




    Thank you Devin. I actually found an old forum post by you and did just that earlier today. Giving this time to see if it works. God bless.


    Devin, this is a demo site so I can not link a Facebook App to this site via the SEO plug-in, however I did put the image and description data in there several hours ago. Why is the post still picking up data from the theme’s dummy info which I removed from the layer slider? Does the slider need to be moved to another folder and renamed? And if so…how do I go about doing this without breaking image links?


    The physical location doesn’t matter. Facebook is only scanning the data from the page live and then checking it.

    I have a foggy memory of you needing to force a refresh from Facebook in order for the image to change. I think it was something with creating a widget/like box or something like that.

    After a quick google try putting your URL in the debugger here to force it to refresh and re-read your OG data:




    Okay, I ran the above debug on the site domain and it now picks up my assigned image, but does not pick up my description. Where do I edit “og:description: This is a Page excerpt. It will be displayed for search results”? I went into the header.php but am not finding the meta tags there.


    The tags aren’t already there. They either need to be added manually or via a plugin which can hook into the header.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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